• 5 Amazing health benefits of Monkey sugarcane ( Costus afer)
    Autoimmune diseases

    5 Amazing Health Benefits of Monkey Sugarcane

    Monkey sugarcane (Costus afer) has five amazing health benefits that would surprise you. The plant, which is always greenish and perennial, is usually found in West African countries ad beers white and yellow flowers. Every part of Monkey sugarcane offers an amazing health benefits. Other common names of Costus afer include Okpete, Tete-egun, or Mbritem. The plant contains some bioactive compounds that have nephroprotective properties on the kidneys. It also protects against neurodegenerative diseases as well as protection of the pancreatic beta cells.   Phytochemical Components of Costus afer   Costus afer contains several phytochemicals in their roots, stems, rhizomes and leaves. Some of the phytochemicals include: Alkaloids Tannins Phenols…